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Since obtaining the basic patent on the videotape recorder and enforcing it industry-wide more than 50 years ago, Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery LLP has been in the forefront of securing and defending patent rights in many areas of electronic applications. Our work with electrical and electronic technologies can involve fundamental components such as switches and integrated circuits or complex integrated applications such as medical diagnostic equipment, satellite communication technology, telecommunications, networking, biomedical engineering, and advanced defense systems. We have particular strength in cellular telephony, and serve as counsel to a pioneering global leader in smartphones and wireless Internet.

No matter what the application, Fitch Even lawyers have the electronic technology background to understand the engineering and science behind a product innovation, to help develop and leverage it in product applications, and to enforce the resulting IP against infringers. A number of our lawyers have worked as engineers at companies involved in automotive and appliance electronics, industrial automation, electrical design and engineering, and similar applications. Our electronics team also has technical background in chemical, computer, and material science technologies, giving us the foundation for multidisciplinary IP counsel in electronic applications.

Prosecuting electronic patents is a sophisticated exercise in demonstrating uniqueness, one at which our firm excels. Our capabilities have helped us secure a full range of patents on innovations ranging from tiny servo-motors to massive automated packaging machinery, oftentimes also involving related complex algorithms and software applications. And our experience in conducting patent litigation, coupled with a capacity to understand even the most advanced technologies, makes us an excellent choice for high-stakes infringement cases involving advanced electronics.

At every stage of product development and market positioning, Fitch Even is an experienced partner for clients throughout the electronics sector.

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