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Mechanical Engineering

Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery LLP offers multidisciplinary skills to give a wide range of clients involved in mechanical-related technical areas the counseling, patent prosecution, licensing, and infringement protection they need for their products. With our breadth of practice, our attorneys regularly advise clients involved in patenting everything from commercial packaging equipment and industrial sprinkler systems, to consumer-focused products such as garage door openers, to sophisticated medical devices. When our clients' mechanical technologies dovetail with electronics, chemistry, or other disciplines, the diverse experience of Fitch Even lawyers can be crucial in demonstrating the uniqueness of seemingly simple yet critical improvements over earlier devices.

It is vitally important to our clients focused on mechanical technologies that we can assist them through the entire life cycle of their products. As one example, for over four decades Fitch Even lawyers have successfully obtained both U.S. and foreign patents on behalf of a global leader in conveyor belt splicing systems and related products for nearly all their new product developments, helping them maintain their primacy in the industry.

But patent prosecution is only one way we can help monetize mechanical inventions. When one of our clients, a manufacturer of defibrillators, was in negotiations to be purchased by a large national medical device company, our ability to develop persuasive non-infringement and invalidity opinions regarding third-party patents was leveraged to convince the purchaser to proceed with the deal at the original purchase price.

Because Fitch Even lawyers often have extensive engineering experience in fields related to mechanical technologies, we can quickly grasp and analyze complex systems and understand the real-world significance of our clients’ technical advances. The diversity of our industry knowledge encompasses automotive, manufacturing, food, construction, medical implants, medical equipment, printing, aerospace, defense, rail transportation, consumer products, energy, and other business sectors focused on mechanical engineering applications.

Many of these clients have international operations. We work extensively with manufacturers based in Japan and other Pacific Rim countries, handling their intellectual property work in the U.S. and representing American companies that they have established or acquired. For example, our firm represented a small U.S.-based manufacturer of auto restraint systems when it was acquired by one of the largest auto suppliers of auto safety systems in Japan. Our firm continued to represent the U.S. division of the Japanese company, and because of the high quality of our patent prosecution work, the client asked us to handle their patent work originating in Japan as well as in Germany, and recently has further extended our firm’s responsibilities to their patent opinion and litigation work as well.

Fitch Even understands the level of detail that mechanical patents require, has the global focus our clients need, and offers the technological and counseling diversity that enables us to provide assistance at every stage of product development and commercial implementation. It’s a comprehensive capability that earns our firm recognition as a value-added partner to mechanical engineering leaders around the world.

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