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Energy and Clean Technology

Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery LLP has the diverse legal and scientific expertise to serve the intellectual property needs of corporations, research institutes, and entrepreneurs pursuing the goal of a sustainable energy infrastructure through development of next-generation clean technologies.

The firm first became engaged in the energy sector a few years following World War II, when name partner Dr. Julius Tabin (1919 – 2012) led this practice area after working as a physicist alongside the renowned Enrico Fermi on the Manhattan Project after Dr. Fermi had created the first controlled nuclear reaction in an old squash court under an athletic field at the University of Chicago. Having protected some of the earliest advances relating to nuclear power for medical and other peacetime uses, Fitch Even maintains a deep appreciation for sustainable energy technologies designed to change our reliance on traditional energy sources and reduce the environmental impact.

We have the technical breadth required to address the diverse technologies underlying developments in the cleantech industry relating to energy production, storage, distribution, and utilization. Our team is trained in technical areas such as chemical and mechanical engineering, inorganic and organic chemistry, material science, electrical engineering, and biochemistry. We draw upon our strong legal capabilities to provide a full range of intellectual property services to clients in this sector, including patent portfolio building, freedom-to-operate studies, strategic advice and legal opinions, due diligence support for financings and corporate transactions, and representation in IP enforcement and defense litigation.

Clients have sought our assistance with a variety of next-generation clean technologies, such as biofuels, advanced solar cells, fuel cells, bioreactors, algae-based energy systems, high-efficiency batteries, electronic vehicles, supercapacitors, energy-efficient portable electronics, and LED lighting. We have also worked extensively with advanced switching, critical system health monitoring, and other smart-grid technologies. Other cleantech clients are pursuing advances in soil remediation, water filtration and treatment, pollution abatement, biomass waste treatment and cogeneration systems, and eco-friendly packaging.

From established companies to research institutions, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists, clients trust Fitch Even’s ability to assemble a strong legal and technical team and pursue the optimal IP strategy at every phase of endeavor relating to alternative energy and clean technology.

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