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  • February 27, 2013
America Invents Act First-to-File Changes: What Happens Now?

Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery LLP welcomes you to a complimentary webinar, "America Invents Act First-to-File Changes: What Happens Now?" presented by Jeffrey A. Chelstrom. The webinar will take place on Wednesday, February 27, 2013, at 9:00 am PST / 10:00 am MST / 11:00 am CST / 12:00 noon EST. 

New first-to-file rules under the America Invents Act (AIA) take effect on March 16. As this date approaches, it will behoove applicants to review pending invention disclosures and to determine the risks and benefits of filing under the old law versus the new law. During this program, we will explore the changes soon to come and their impact on prosecution strategy going forward. Patent prosecutors and litigators need to be aware of potential pitfalls when drafting, prosecuting, and analyzing applications in the future. 

We will review and discuss the following topics and more:
  • A summary of prior art rules and the limited grace period under the new first-to-file rules 
  • The unintended effects that new claims or amendments may have on existing applications
  • Continuation and continuation-in-part applications under the new law
  • Strategic filing considerations as March 16 approaches
  • Questions raised by the AIA that we may need to wait for the courts to answer

Our speaker will be Fitch Even partner Jeffrey A. Chelstrom. Jeff has extensive experience in writing and prosecuting patent applications for various technologies including chemical, materials, and mechanical arts. He leverages several years of experience as a chemical engineer along with his legal expertise to help keep his clients and their IP assets protected and secure. 

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