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Fitch Even Again Ranked Among Top Firms in IPR Practice; Partners Recognized as Top Counsel

October 15, 2019

Fitch Even was recently recognized among the Top 25 best-performing law firms overall representing clients in inter partes review (IPR) and the Top 15 most-active law firms representing patent owners in IPR in Patexia’s 2019 IPR Intelligence Report. In addition, Fitch Even partner Nicholas T. Peters was ranked among the Top 10 most-active attorneys representing patent owners in IPR proceedings, partner Timothy P. Maloney was ranked among the Top 25 most active, and partner Paul B. Henkelmann was ranked among the Top 100 most active. Tim was also ranked among the Top 50 best-performing attorneys overall representing petitioners or patent owners in IPR, and Nick was among the Top 35 most-active attorneys overall. In addition, Fitch Even represented the best-performing company in IPR overall.

Using data from over 8,100 IPR challenges filed from July 2014 through June 2019, Patexia evaluated the activity and performance of more than 900 law firms and over 5,000 attorneys. More information about this annual report and its methodology can be found here.

In Patexia’s inaugural report in 2017, Fitch Even was ranked as the #1 best-performing law firm representing patent owners in IPR proceedings from 2012 through 2016, based on analysis conducted by Patexia and reported in their article "Top 5 Performing Law Firms in IPR." Also in 2017, Tim Maloney was ranked as the #3 best-performing attorney representing patent owners in (IPR) proceedings, reported in Patexia’s article "Best Performing Attorneys in IPR."

Fitch Even was also named a Top 10 best-performing law firm overall and a Top 20 most-active law firm representing patent owners in IPR in Patexia’s 2018 IPR Intelligence Report. Nick Peters and Tim Maloney were also ranked highly in that report.

Fitch Even has represented both patent owners and petitioners in a wide variety of industries in numerous IPR proceedings to date. The continuing recognition of our extensive experience and strong track record on behalf of our clients reflects the contributions of the firm’s entire PTAB practice group and validates our approach of leveraging the skills of both patent litigators and patent prosecution attorneys to defend vital patents against IPR challenges. 

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